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Boost and nurture your puppy with our Perfect Puppy Program or for our older dogs we have our Smart Dog Program for the ultimate is transforming skills.

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Clever Training Tips

3 ways to MAKE or BREAK your recalls...
18th Jan 2021

3 ways to MAKE or BREAK your recalls...

It's top of the list when it comes to what owners ask me about and it's a HUGE part of having a dog, right?! Why does my dog run off at the sight of another dog (insert distraction here)? How do I get them to come back to me, even when there are distractions around? Will I have to be on lead forever? I've got you covered! If I said 7 minutes might change your recalls forever, would you take it? If...
How to stop my puppy nipping and biting.
4th Jan 2021

How to stop my puppy nipping and biting.

It hurts! Those teeth are razor sharp and puppies know how to use them, it’s a good thing they’re so cute 😊 Using their teeth is totally normal to a puppy, this is standard puppy behaviour. If you saw your puppy with their littermates (hopefully everyone reading this saw their pup at home with their litter and Mum) then you would’ve seen how the puppies interact with each other and play. This is especially...
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