Dog Training Classes, Puppy Training Classes and Dog training support in Rugby

Training your dog should be fun, simple and something EVERYONE in the family can join in with even if you haven't got much time to train each day.

Have a peek at the things we LOVE to work on and if we can help you and your dog, drop us a line and let us know.

Dog Training Classes in Rugby

Dog Training Classes in Rugby

Training classes for dogs aged 6 months to 18 months where we focus SOLELY on recall, lead walking, being calm, chilling out & listening to you on walks.

This is our in-depth & high value classes for dogs that get super excited when they're out. We help you to work on the stuff you don't want, like jumping up, barking, running off and dragging you down the street and show you how to teach your dog the stuff you DO want.

Grab the full info - HERE.

Dog Training Made Simple - our group for dog owners

Dog Training Made Simple - our group for dog owners

Are you a dog owner looking to feel more confident and totally tuned in to your dog so that training them is super simple and WORKS?

Great! We've got a fab Facebook group for you.

We've just covered 3 ways to Make or Break your recalls, 7 minute video on why your recalls might not be working and how to make instant changes & 10 Ways to Boost Listening for EPIC walks & easy training. Join in here.

Dog Trainer in Rugby

Dog Trainer in Rugby

If you have something specific in mind you need some help with or you're not sure if you need us, drop us a line and let us know exactly what's happening for you so we can help.

Don't leave it to get worse. I work locally in Rugby with all aspects of dog and puppy training and have some dedicated programs for recall, lead walking & tons more. So we really have got you covered!

Drop us a line here.

Your Instructor: Anna Hope the Dog Coach

  • Owner & Creator of the Fab Dog Group for dog owners. JOIN HERE.
  • Certified & Assessed Dog Trainer & Puppy Trainer.
  • Full member of the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers.
  • Affiliate Trainer with EpicDog Training Academy Ltd.
  • Certified Canine Hoopers Intructor CHWI
  • Student Member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers.
  • Over 7years’ experience in Dog Training and Behaviour.