Dogs and Face Masks, what to do to help your dog in a world of masks.

Dogs and Face Masks, what to do to help your dog in a world of masks. by Anna Hope

😷 Without knowing exactly what's going to be's your BLUEPRINT for helping your dog become comfortable with everyone wearing face masks.

We don't know if the masks will be a requirement at all or if they'll be required in certain circumstances. Even so, if we can prepare our dogs now for it, it will all be so much easier for them (and us).

Grab your Face Mask Blueprint HERE

What's the big deal?

When we are wearing masks we look totally different. Our facial expressions are hidden and the way we have always looked to our dogs is suddenly completely changed.

Dogs are environmental learners and they take everything in when they're formulating skills and learning with us. So your face, your facial expressions and the visual image of your face is something they have already used to learn something with you.

When that changes...our dogs can be totally thrown!

Another thing that will massively impact on your dog...

With a face mask on we sound totally different. Completely different.

Any verbal cues you have already taught your dog may now not work as well, it isn't because they are naughty but instead it might be because they literally cannot hear you well enough to know what you said?!

The sound of your voice is muffled and put this together with you being out on your daily exercise, they have so much going on around them when you're out and about, added with the fact they can't hear you that all might go a little pearshaped.

Something else you might not have thought of?

If we are wearing face masks...we all sort of look the same! If you are out with your dog, don't be surprised if they get confused and run to the wrong person or don't focus on you straight away, they have probably just become confused.

If you don't have a solid recall...have your dog on a long lead for now and get some practise in without running the risk of your dog mistaking you for someone else.

Aims for this odd times are to prep your dog as much as possible and prepare them for a world where everyone looks and sounds differnt to what they are used to.

I have put together a Face Masks Blueprint for you and you can find it - HERE

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