5 Reasons why doing Dog Hoopers will change your walks, for the better, FOREVER

5 Reasons why doing Dog Hoopers will change your walks, for the better, FOREVER by Anna Hope

Doing something FUN with your dog will ALWAYS work out for the better. It helps you out with your day to day stuff and the real situations that happen when you go out for your walks.

Here are 5 reasons why doing Dog Hoopers will have HUGE benefits to you, to your dog and to your walks.

1 - Builds teamwork and dog focus.

Doing Hoopers means you work together, in a field with other dogs and people and everything is geared around you both focusing on each other to navigate the course. Without focus you don't have nice dog walks either. Building this skill whilst your having a huge amount of fun makes your dog naturally begin to check in with you. They become accustomed to it.

They need to focus on you in Hoopers so you can guide them through the course and you’re already working around a huge level of distractions too.

Then guess what?! Your walks are instantly better, because if your dog is already in the focus mindset, they'll do it when you then go out! Easier walks! Easier recalls!

2 - Makes calling your dog back to you EASIER.

It’s no secret that recall is one of the toughest things that dog owners face and it’s something I specialise in. It’s also one of the most IMPORTANT skills we, as dog owners want to feel confident with because the thought of our dogs running off is a scary one.

Hoopers makes calling your dog back to you a lot easier, because they get so used to being near you in the first place they don’t often run off. Hoopers encourages your dog to be near you or, once you get a little more advanced you begin to work a little distance away from your dog. This only reinforces the idea that listening to you is a good option and following you is an even better one!

Before you now it you’ll find your dog hanging close to you when you’re off lead in the park, it’s become normal to your dog so your recalls are automatically improved. Bonus.

3 – Builds confidence for you both.

Some dogs get easily spooked and can be hesitant, nervous or super sensitive when out in the world. Hoopers builds their confidence and gives them an opportunity to do something fun, without any pressure.

Hoopers is designed for any size, any breed and any age dog and that means it’s super inclusive. Small dogs don’t have huge jumps to negotiate and the bigger breeds don’t have to put lots of pressure on their joints as there are no sharp turns or curved tunnels.

You’re working together as a team and with that comes the confidence that you’re in it together, you’re facing stuff together and that’s a HUGE confidence boost. Too often we can have stressful walks or time at the field and it all soon becomes too much. Building your confidence together means your walks and time out become better, instantly. You feel you’re an indestructible team and whatever you come across you can handle. Because you’re in it together.

4 – It calms super-fast dogs down!

For anyone with a dog who likes to do things at a million miles an hour, this will resonate with you. If it’s not your dog you know a dog that falls in to this category, we all know one!

For dogs that are full speed ahead from the second they open an eye in the morning to the minute before they close them at night (when everyone is where they should be), this is for you.

For those dogs they only know two speeds. Either I AM GOING TO GO AND DO THIS THING REALLY QUICKLY AND KEEP UP WITH ME or it’s they’re asleep (for a couple of seconds then it’s back to it).

It teaches them to slow down. This is all about teaching them how to run around the course, it’s not just about letting them run off and work it out for themselves. They learn to follow your instructions and guidance as you’re the one who knows the route.

This gives them an opportunity to see that not everything needs to be done at super speed and they can get just as much from learning to navigate a course, as they can from an hour of chasing a ball at the field.

If you have a dog that doesn’t know how to slow down, you NEED this in your life, even if just to save your shoulders!

5 – Makes learning stuff FUN.

If your dog doesn’t enjoy training, they won’t do it. Fact.

If your dog LOVES training, they WILL do it. Fact.

Whether you are teaching your dog a life skill such as walking nicely on a lead or you’re teaching them a trick that’s good enough for Britain’s Got Talent, if your dog loves what you’re doing then they’ll keep on doing it!

Engaging their minds with fun stuff whilst they’re learning essential skills is kinda the secret to dog training. It isn’t about yanking on a lead to tell them off (which never works by the way and shouldn’t be in your mind), or endless loops in a training hall…it’s about doing fun stuff that actually helps your dog learn what it is that you WANT them to do.

I haven’t forgotten about you either, if you’re having a good time then guess what?! You’ll do it more too! It’s a win, win for you both.

Hoopers is one for all of the family to get involved in and once you see the benefits of it, you’ll become a top fan.

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